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Chemical Agent Detection System (CADSII)

The Chemical Agent Detection System (CADS II) provides advanced warning against chemical agent attack.

This rugged and versatile system establishes a protective warning perimeter around military installations and can

also be used to monitor chemical agents at storage and disposal site.


CADS II is an advanced, field portable, chemical agent warfare detection system developed for the CF to remotely

detect and identify chemical warfare agents. Military deployment is typically at the perimeter of an installation,

thus providing early warning of an off-site incident. This detection system was realized by the

United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) who deployed these systems to an Iraqi chemical weapons storage site during chemical operations.

CADS II utilizes the hand-help Chemical Agent Detector (CAM) to provide real time remote detection and identification of both mustard and nerve agents.

The central control unit (CCU) operates off of 155 or 220 volts AC or for up to two hours off of internal power. Up to 8 remote sampling stations can be connected

to the CCU over distances of up to 4 km using any combination of 4 conductor cables, light twisted pairs (field wire) or radio frequency linkage. In the latter two cases,

the power to the sampling station is provided by a solar panel/battery backup capable of 72 hours of operation in the absence of sunlight.

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